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Bruker+Günter – precision has a name

Our company is a major provider of turned parts and turned part subassemblies. For many years we have been a well-recognised supplier primarily for the automotive industry, but also for other industrial sectors with high demands for quality, service and reliable delivery dates.

Management Approach

All our efforts are focused on the specific requirements of our clients. Years of experience and engineering excellence have provided us with the expertise needed to successfully carry out our projects. Our customers are our inspiration and we strive to become better every day. Everyone at Bruker+Günter does more than is expected, in order to fulfil the demands of our clients. This attitude has been and will remain the basis of our success.

Environmental Responsibility

The protection of the environment is an integral part of our company philosophy. Our choice of auxiliary and operating materials aims at reducing any effects on the environment. The efficient and sustainable use of raw materials and resources is a high priority for us and therefore we apply the DIN ISO 14000 standards on environmental management.